25 Jun 2017

Sentimental Journey (Oldies Songs)

I'm sailing on my "sentimental journey",
"you'll never know" but "all I have to do is dream".
"My heart tells me" I'm "swinging on a star", but 
"in the blue of evening" things are not quite what they seem

Please hear "my prayer", "don't treat me cruel", "I beg of you". 
"You always hurt the one you love" and then I'll "cry".
Just "love me tender" - that is all you need to do, 
"I've got my love to keep me warm" and "I'll get by".

"If" "everybody's somebody's fool" and
"some enchanted evening" "smoke gets in your eyes",
I'll still sail on that "sentimental journey"
"Can't stop loving you" when you're my "ticket to ride".